Contact Me for Custom Wallpapers

Hi, this is Rich.  I make custom wallpapers for iPhones.  I hope you’re enjoying the wallpapers on my site.  Everything on here is free. However, I also sell custom wallpapers.  If you would like to purchase a customized wallpaper from me, please contact me at

Customized IPhone Wallpapers

What I need from you is a description of what you want and I’ll create it fresh within 2 days.  What colors do you want?  Do you want a beach? A car? A model?  I can really design anything, so make sure you give me a little something.  I charge $5 per wallpaper.  Here’s an example of a good description that I delivered last week for a friend:

“Rich, I want the background to be the shoreline on South Beach Miami about an hour after sunrise and preferably some palm trees in the shot too.  I also want my name and Sarah’s blended into the sky with another color.  Up to you man, make it look good.”

I can’t post the example on here, but you get the idea.

Here’s my promise to you.  If I deliver it and it’s not what you want, I’ll do it again.  I just want you to be happy.